We began, solely, as an art reproduction company ... 

providing note cards and prints for artists, who wanted to expand their artistic endeavors outward, to a broader audience.  We did not actively promote any of the clients in our roster, but simply provided the products to them, leaving them to act as their own agents of distribution.

After some years of operating in this manner, one of our longtime clients aligned herself with a canine rescue organization, donating all of the proceeds from the sales of her prints and note cards, to this group.  In producing and shipping a good deal of prints and note cards to participants involved in this noble effort, it became apparent to us that their goal would be better achieved with a more organized structure through which interested persons could place orders for prints and note cards, bearing this client's canine portraits.  It was at that point that "Art Note Cards and Prints.com" was born.

Since that time, we have expanded our offerings to include other of our art reproduction clients, who needed this type of structured outlet for offering their artistic wares.