"Akira" ... Japanese Chin, 5 x 7 Note Cards & 8x10 Matted Print



Note Card Insides are Blank ... They Come With Envelopes
All post-production profit on prints and note cards by this artist goes directly to JCCARE, a care & rescue organization for Japanese Chin.


(along with artist contact information)

FACES OF CHIN, “Akira” ... Japanese Chin
Akira is the 12th in the series "Faces of Chin"
--from original 16” x 16” Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Akira’s name means bright sun, which could not be more apt.  He is a warm, ray of cheerful sunshine.  Akira stole the hearts of his new parents, Katherine and Patrick Yokley, with the tug of a shoe string, eager to continue playing long after his littermates had fallen asleep.  Over a decade later, his playful energy has not waned.  His favorite daily game is fetch.  Bending into a bow, he will drop his toy pick of the day at his human’s feet and bark as if to say, “Let the games commence!”  Should he note his loved one’s spirits are low, Akira knows the cure.  He will run in search of a beloved toy and present it with a wag of his long, elegant tail and expectant twinkles in his eyes.  He will then proceed to roll the toy with his paw or toss it with a shake of his head, until one cannot help but laugh.  Akira also takes his duty as project overseer very seriously.  No matter the task, he would like to be right there curiously watching and spritzing his seal of approval.

The Artist:  Martha Hooks, a Southerner by birth and choice, has always had dogs in her life.  Her memories of going to field trials with her dad as well as time spent in conformation rings with her Long Coat Chihuahuas helped expand her knowledge of canine anatomy, breed traits and personalities.  She paints full time and commissions are accepted, time permitting.  Of course, her favorite subjects wear fur coats year around.