"Meeko" ... Japanese Chin, 5 x 7 Note Cards & 8x10 Matted Print



Note Card Insides are Blank ... They Come With Envelopes
All post-production profit on prints and note cards by this artist goes directly to JCCARE, a care & rescue organization for Japanese Chin.


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FACES OF CHIN, “Meeko” ... Japanese Chin ("His Saving Grace"
Meeko is the 21st in the series "Faces of Chin"
--from original 16” x 16” Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas
When JCCARE Angel Doris Silvia met Meeko on a rescue transport it was love at first sight!  Meeko's original owner had died and he had been turned over to JCCARE.  Other than his medical records, which gave his birthday as November 3, 2007, very little was known about this beautiful boy.
   It was obvious this sweet angel-faced ball of fluff had some serious trust issues.  After all, he had just lost the only family he had ever known!  He did not like Doris, allowed no conversation, was unhappy with all efforts to make friends and was very vocal about it!
   After arriving home and despite a rough introduction, Meeko instantly chose Doris' husband!  He hovered by his feet, sat by his chair, even allowed eye contact, something he didn't allow Doris.  Obviously, Meeko had made his choice.  
   It's been a long road for Meeko and he has come a long way:  learned to be touched, loved and how to give love, and to enjoy car rides, Doris and Jr. even get hugs!
    When people see Meeko, they are full of compliments about his amazing cuteness and Doris always replies, "That's his saving grace."
   The Silvia's didn't plan on adding to their family but sometimes love happens!      
   Another happy ending for JCCARE and those special Angels!

The Artist:  Martha Hooks, a Southerner by birth and choice, has always had dogs in her life.  Her memories of going to field trials with her dad as well as time spent in conformation rings with her Long Coat Chihuahuas helped expand her knowledge of canine anatomy, breed traits and personalities.  She paints full time and commissions are accepted, time permitting.  Of course, her favorite subjects wear fur coats year around.