"Miko" ... Japanese Chin, 5 x 7 Note Cards & 8x10 Matted Print



Note Card Insides are Blank ... They Come With Envelopes
All post-production profit on prints and note cards by this artist goes directly to JCCARE, a care & rescue organization for Japanese Chin.


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FACES OF CHIN, “Miko” ... Japanese Chin
Miko is the 7th in the series "Faces of Chin"
--from original 16” x 16” Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas
As a wee lad, Magishuns Miko traveled from his birthplace in England to his new home in California.  He greeted his parents, Katherine and Patrick Yokley, with a lilt in his step and a kiss (or three) on his lips.  Over a decade later, he is still that same happy, affectionate puppy.  Miko’s favorite place to visit is the beach.   At the first hint of salt air or the sound of the sea gulls’ calls, his face brightens in anticipation, and he spritzes and talks until his feet hit the sand.  When his Chin siblings are worn out from the day’s adventure and ready to return home, Miko is always eager for one last run along the water’s edge.  As playful and energetic as he can be, Miko is equally a calm, patient observer.  He has spent many an hour watching birds swoop through the garden or a cat cautiously sauntering along the fence edge.  He curiously smells each new flower blossom and likes to recline where he can savor their soft fragrance carried by the breeze.  Ever eager to help, he will direct his parents’ attention to ripe strawberries and blueberries ready for picking or simply pick them himself.

The Artist:  Martha Hooks, a Southerner by birth and choice, has always had dogs in her life.  Her memories of going to field trials with her dad as well as time spent in conformation rings with her Long Coat Chihuahuas helped expand her knowledge of canine anatomy, breed traits and personalities.  She paints full time and commissions are accepted, time permitting.  Of course, her favorite subjects wear fur coats year around.