"Pet-A-Palooza Peke" ... Pekingese, 5 x 7 Note Cards, 12-Pack



Note Card Insides are Blank ... They Come With Envelopes
All post-production profit on prints and note cards by this artist goes directly to JCCARE, a care & rescue organization for Japanese Chin.


(along with artist contact information)

"Pet-A-Palooza Peke" ... Ms. Poochie Peke, Pekingese

    "“I’m really getting a little old to enjoy coming out for these events, my dear.  My name is Poochie Peke and you may call me Ms. Peke.  No, I certainly will not tell you my age nor my weight.  Let’s just say I’m a member of AARP—that’s American Association of Retired Pekingese—and as to weight, let's just say that I am a dainty, diminutive example of the breed so I never had to work for a living.  Those big old Pekes described in our Standard would have rolled right over me in the show rings!  They can weigh over 14 pounds you know. 
    “What’s that you say, darling?  You’re an artist and you want to take my picture.  Well, I  am all dressed up, wearing my best hat.  Ladies do look so genteel in hats.  Please tell me what you intend to do with my picture.  
    “Oh, I understand.  You wish to paint my portrait using the photo to remind you exactly how lovely I look today.  Oh, my, no one has ever wanted to paint me before.  Do you think you could darken my muzzle just a bit?
    “Darlin', call me Poochie.”

The Pekingese is a well-balanced, compact dog of Chinese origin with a heavy front and lighter hindquarters. Its temperament is one of directness, independence and individuality. Its image is lion-like, implying courage, dignity, boldness and self-esteem rather than daintiness or delicacy. This centuries-old breed is a member of AKC's Toy Group. "

The Artist:  Martha Hooks, a Southerner by birth and choice, has always had dogs in her life.  Her memories of going to field trials with her dad as well as time spent in conformation rings with her Long Coat Chihuahuas helped expand her knowledge of canine anatomy, breed traits and personalities.  She paints full time and commissions are accepted, time permitting.  Of course, her favorite subjects wear fur coats year around.