"Piper" ... Japanese Chin, 5 x 7 Note Cards & 8x10 Matted Print



Note Card Insides are Blank ... They Come With Envelopes
All post-production profit on prints and note cards by this artist goes directly to JCCARE, a care & rescue organization for Japanese Chin.


(along with artist contact information)

FACES OF CHIN, “Piper” ... Japanese Chin
Piper is the 16th in the series "Faces of Chin"
--from original 16” x 16” Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas
In December 2012, a sickly female Chin (Willow), was in need of rescue from a Mississippi shelter.  JCCARE worked to send her to a new home in South Carolina.  While at the vet’s office, acquiring the paperwork to fly home, it was discovered that Willow was very sick and could not fly.  She had a a tumor in her abdomen.  JCCARE was determined to bring Willow home for the holidays.  With the aide of some VERY generous people, who provided automobile transport, she arrived Christmas morning at her new home.  Several weeks later, on the morning of her tumor removal surgery, the new vet wanted to repeat the radiographs...imagine everyone's surprise to learn the tumor had become a singular puppy…PIPER! ... and that the puppy was very close to term; so Willow's new family and the JCCARE family, waited on the magical day to arrive.  Piper was born on January 19, 2013, and has been affectionately dubbed by the JCCARE family as the "cutest tumor, ever."  

Piper's "Chinness" was called into question by some...he is a big boy.  So, JCCARE hosted a "Who's My Daddy?" Fund-raiser.  Participants guessed his heritage, and the winner received a variety of prizes.  The DNA test revealed that Piper is all Chin...all 20 pounds of him...apparently they grow 'em big in Mississippi.  Piper and Willow both reside in South Carolina, where they share their lives with other rescue Chins.

The Artist:  Martha Hooks, a Southerner by birth and choice, has always had dogs in her life.  Her memories of going to field trials with her dad as well as time spent in conformation rings with her Long Coat Chihuahuas helped expand her knowledge of canine anatomy, breed traits and personalities.  She paints full time and commissions are accepted, time permitting.  Of course, her favorite subjects wear fur coats year around.